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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Why Do You Fear Me? A Must See Web Event

I will be writing next week on some of the reasons why I have started doing some major study on Islam and also on Islam/Christian relations. I think this post will be needed to give some insight on why this blog has had so many posts on Islam lately. It is very purposeful and if you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know that I post on what I personally am learning at the time. So, being that I am currently reading two books, have just finished two, read articles and listened to white American followers of Jesus (specifically Carl Medearis) and how they are speaking about Jesus "behind enemy lines", you are seeing a lot of posts on the religion of Islam and how we might be able to reach them for the sake of Jesus.

Anyways...there is a great event coming up called, "Why Do You Fear Me?" with the aforementioned Carl Medearis, prolific author Ted Dekker and David Beasley
former South Carolina governor ('95-'99). They will be answering live questions on Islam and the Muslim people. Below is a video introducing this event and you will also notice the banner on the right side of the blog with a link to the home page. Please consider watching this event and praying for the Muslim people. They are in need of Jesus as much as your family members.


Darlene said...


I would like to suggest you to view a video on the blog "Old Adam Lives" from January 8th. It is entitled, "God bless this courageous woman." In it, an Arabic woman speaks frankly about Islam.

After your read it, I would like to read your response, when you have time.


The Pilgrim said...
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Seth McBee said...

I watched the video. Seems like she is very angry...and probably rightly so coming from Iran as a woman...

But, her main premise is that Arab countries and those within Islam don't like American ways of doing things...which is not new news.

She also is misleading at times when she says that to be considered a Muslim one needs to believe in the ideology of the Islamic states. That is just not true. If you ask an Imam what makes one a Muslim, his response should be, the one who believes in the Shahada which is simply,

There is no god but God and Allah is his true prophet

The idea that a Muslim must adhere to Islamic ideology is just plain fasle and we see that being that 80% of Muslims don't live in the Arab world where the tenets of Islamic ideology is lived out. I will put a disclaimer that when I use "Islamic ideology" I am using it as she is trying to convey it, which is extreme Islam, not moderate Islam.

She also says that most Muslims are desiring to "hide" or "trick" us in the workplace and are being preached at their mosques to desire some of these extremisms...again...not from my findings from people who are very involved with the Mosques and Muslims all over the U.S. and around the globe.

I think this lady is pissed, wants to sell books and is taking her hatred to misinform the public to fuel sales of her book.

That is my thought as I watch the video and compare it to what I have found to be actually true from those who are ministering and befriending Muslims.

Darlene said...


Regardless of how you may perceive this woman's motives, it cannot be denied from history that Islam began as a violent religion.

Many of the countries in which the Christian faith was once a majority and spread, are now ruled by Muslims. For example, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, to name a few. Mohammad's followers came into these countries by force, and slaughtered thousands of Orthodox Christians who would not convert to Islam. The Muslims gave the infidels a chance to live, "Convert to Islam and deny Christ, or die." Many chose the latter and thus there are many Christian martyrs from this region now occupied by Muslims.

Also, did you know that the god of Islam is called a "deceiver"?

I understand that you want to witness to Muslims and point to Christ as Savior and Lord, in order that they might turn from their false beliefs and be saved. But there are some facts regarding Islam that are horrible, but nonetheless true. And I can't speak loudly enough against the treatment of women under Islam.

A few months ago I went to went to St. Tikhon's to hear an Orthodox priest from Indonesia give his testimony. He had been raised Muslim and converted to Christ. He spoke in depth about Islam and quoted from the Quran which he brought with him. As soon as he became a Christian he had to go into hiding for a time, because threats were made against his life. This is VERY common in countries where Islam is in the majority.

So it is commendable that you want to see Muslims come to faith in Christ. I just caution you to learn about Islam with your eyes wide open. Be compassionate to the Muslim, but do not affirm those parts of Islam that are undeniable anti-Christian.

In Christ's Love,

Seth McBee said...


Couldn't one show that Yahweh was also a "God of war" through the Old Testament? What about the Crusades in the name of the cross? I mean...we can get into these things, but they really don't matter if the people involved are not following the correct interpretation of what it means to be faithful to their holy books.

And, not sure what you mean by the god of Islam being called "deceiver".

As far as Islam and women...I agree. For the most part, this has been an issue for them that has been tough to get through, but am glad that they are making some major strides, as their prophet Muhammad would not agree with how women have been treated over the years.

I will say this over and over again...most of the Muslim world is moderate, not militant. We need to be careful not to put them all in one camp together.

We don't like when someone refers to the Crusades or tries to say God was a warmonger...we need to be careful to show the same respect we expect from others.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Grace and Peace.


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