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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DJ Official: Entermission

I received the latest CD from Reach Records in the mail about a week ago. I wasn't sure what to expect, but figured that with 18 different tracks and over 20 artists featured, it would be hard to be disappointed. The CD is called "Entermission" by DJ Official. DJ Official is the deejay for the Reach family and this compilation shows off his skills in putting together tracks for all sorts of talents and genres. What I found was that, for the most part, I was very impressed with some of the tracks laid down by the "lesser known" guys in the world of Christian hip hop. What the listener will realize right off the bat is that you get all kinds of tracks when listening to the album. Which, because of this, some will really enjoy some tracks while wondering how others made the album at all. This is not to say that the tracks are weak, but just so different stylistically that it could be of less interest to some while more interest to others. But, this shouldn't be a surprise with an album that has a compilation of artists. Also know, this isn't an album with a bunch of remixes. From what I know of these tracks, most (besides one) are completely new.

Here is the list of tracks, including their artists, on the CD:

1. Enter The Mission - Dr. Eric Mason, DJ Official, R-Swift
2. Show Off - Lecrae & Flame
3. Use Me - Tedashii
4. Streets of New York - J.A.Z. & Magellen
5. Get Busy - Trip Lee
6. Go - H.G.A. & Tedashii
7. Not My Own - Stephen The Levite, Phanatik, Evangel
8. Love Fallen - Gems, Jahaziel, Benjah, Dillavou
9. Nothing Without You - JR & Lecrae
10. Chaos - Sho Baraka
11. Chisel Me - Thi'sl, Json, K-Drama, Tedashii
12. On My 116 - Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee
13. Streets of Philadelphia - Mac The Doulos, Young Joshua, Ackdavis, R-Swift
14. Missio Dei - God's Servant
15. Forward Me - Cam
16. Outro (Thank You)
17. (bonus) For My Breakers
18. (bonus) Eyes Open Remix - Trip Lee & Sho Baraka

I will say that two tracks stuck out to me, and honestly believe, that if it wasn't for the biblical content, could be on mainstream radio right now. One is Streets of New York featuring J.A.Z. & Magellen, which DJ Official mixes in some great stringed instruments. The other has an R&B feel with Nothing Without You featuring JR & Lecrae. These two, by far, are my favorite tracks on the album.

One will also notice something completely different from Sho Baraka on track 10 with his song called Chaos. I had no clue it was Sho, and was shocked to find it was. It was more rough around the edges, and one that I ended up enjoying after the befuddled look left my face.

I think overall that the album is definitely a win and one that brings Reach's background man, DJ Official, to the forefront. Not only that, but the album exposes some other talents that might be less known to some. If you are a Reach Records fan, this album will not disappoint. Be ready to hear many different styles, including a raggae feel from track 8 titled, Love Fallen, featuring Gems, Jahaziel, Benjah, & Dillavou.

Not only were the tracks well laid out by DJ Official, but the lyrics follow the lead of the title of the CD so that the listener hears throughout what it means to truly Enter Mission.

Highly Recommended

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