Contend Earnestly: Tim Lien is a Loser

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tim Lien is a Loser

I had made a bet with Tim Lien on the March Madness bracket and he is now paying up. If UConn would have won...this would have been flipped. It was very close and I think that he actually got more games correct than I did...which is the only thing I have in common with George Bush, which would make Tim, Al Gore. I am posting his post here as it made me laugh.

Here is the post:

Seth McBee (of Contend Earnestly fame) approached me with this unholy proposition. Lose the March Madness bracket, I would pose with a sign stating “Credos are More Reformed than I am.”

(Definition: “Credos” are those new-babes in Christ who still disobey the God-given command to apply the sign of the covenant to our babies thru the sacrament of baptism. They love to mention “the age of accountability” as mentioned by the heretic Garfunkeles in his acid-laced vision transcribed in the 3 Volumes of Calastophaton)

If I were to win, he would pose for a photo holding a sign stating: “I am Credo. I might as well be Arminian.” UConn managed to dissapoint me, and I lost. Being nothing if not a gentlemen, I am now settling up with the house.


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