Contend Earnestly: Why I Like John MacArthur

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I Like John MacArthur I have had some real issues with John MacArthur, et al lately on certain things, but this is a good reminder of why I do like the man and believe that he is truly a defender of the faith. This is interesting, not because of what he says, we are used to that, but where he is saying it at. He is on the set of TBN and the audience is enjoying what he is saying. I am hoping that this got around to the whackos around TBN so that they can learn what the Gospel actually is. It is funny to watch Kirk Cameron lob some easy ones over the net for MacArthur to smash, and his corny Mike Seaver smile when he does it reveals them clearly.

I do believe that there is some over correction within the two videos, but probably needed to be said considering the audience and venue. Thanks to Steve Brown for pointing me over to Reformed Baptist.


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