Contend Earnestly: What is a Missional Church?: Explained in 2 Minutes

Friday, February 12, 2010

What is a Missional Church?: Explained in 2 Minutes

I found this on Ed Stetzer's blog and thought it was helpful to explain the understanding of what it means to be a missional church.


Ed G said...

Now if only missional authors all agreed with this definition. The stuff I'm hearing from many of the missional groupies and hangers-on is saying that "who needs the local church", or even, "prove from Scripture that there is a local church". Every living thing follows a cycle: Attraction, Involvement in Relationship, Reproduction, Multiplication. The Attractional churches only focus on the first two, the MIssional ones, almost always on the last two. But take any one of those out, and you prevent the cycle from working out.

Seth McBee said...

Yeah...there is some odd teachings going on out there...mostly from the Emergent side of things.

The church I am involved with, very much believes in the local church and it's purpose as defined in and shown activity throughout Acts.

We are heavy on making disciples and understanding what in Acts is prescriptive and normative and what is merely descriptive.

Not sure of where you come from, but the missional churches that I am speaking about totally believe in the local church and defend her.

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