Contend Earnestly: Jim Gaffigan and Christianity

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jim Gaffigan and Christianity


SnatchedFromTheFire said...

I'm confused ... why is this on your blog? This is seriously heartbreaking. What was the purpose of posting it?

Zachary Bartels said...


Dan said...

I kept thinking to myself, "There must be a point to this blasphemy if its posted in his blog." The mere fact that I thought there was a point or a punchline cause me to waste 8 minutes and 3 seconds of my life.

Seth McBee said...

So, I get the feeling you guys didn't like the video... ;)

SnatchedFromTheFire said...

Bigger question for me: did you like it? I wanna be careful and not jump to conclusions but with the absence of any commentary whatsoever i am led to believe that you simply posted this b/c you thought it was truly funny. Ok, so, i know we do a lot of funny stuff (especially as far as the outside world is concerned) and we shouldn't be afraid to take the licks we deserve sometimes.
All that said, what came to mind almost immediately was your contention of how Muslims (though they don't know God) do worship Him. and i wondered if you followed that ideology through to this guy who clearly does not know God ... who is he laughing at and mocking? Who's Name is he dragging through the mud as the audience cackles? If what you say is right and we can worship a God we don't even know, then we can certainly insult and belittle that same God.
Again, i'm hoping my initial conclusion was wrong and you had some other purpose in posting that video. Please do respond b/c i'm really curious to know what it is. Soli Deo Gloria.

tallmanwriting said...

You people are so nitpicky, I can see the stones in your hand through the computer screen. I can only hope you'll actually throw them through your own monitor.

Someone once said: Comedy is an imitation of the common errors of our life...

As such, Gaffigan accurately reflects the perspective of ALMOST ALL OF YOUR NEIGHBORS.

Turn off TBN and get to know what the people around you -- you know, the kind of people Jesus hung around with -- believe.

Lighten up, people.

Keep it up, Seth.

SnatchedFromTheFire said...

Seth -
i don't even know how to respond to this bro. I won't speak for anyone else, but i've tried to be respectful and humble in my responses. To then be labeled a TBN watching, stone throwing Pahrisee is pretty weak dude.
Neither of us would know one another to walking by so i don't expect you to listen to me, but in all honesty and in the sincerity of one Christian brother to another, i would humbly ask you to go to two or three people who you respect and who you know won't sugar-coat their answer and ask them this: how well do you think i take criticism?
Just seeing a bit of a pattern from a lot of our back and forth, but again, i know i don't KNOW you at all. I write on your blog 'cause i'm interested in working through theological issues/talking them out and, when i see what look's like error, lovingly trying to refute it. I did not expect such an unfair character assasination b/c of it.
God's peace.

Seth McBee said...

That last comment was a different Seth...not the blog author. With that said...I found the Gaffigan stand up...hilarious.

He's not a pastor, but a comedian. Most of the jokes were making fun of us as Christians and just funny observations of Jesus and Moses and the Bible in general. I never heard anything to where he was being blasphemous.

I just thought it was funny...that's all.

The observations actually help us to understand our culture and how the see us and our convictions.

Seth McBee said...

I just want to make sure you know...I didn't write the comment under the name "Seth"...that is someone else.

I have felt that our back and forths have always been respectful...this aside, if you don't feel I take criticism well, you can write me an email with your concerns.


tallmanwriting said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tallmanwriting said...

I will try to change my username so I don't piss anyone else off. ;)

Jim Gaffigan is an astute observer.

W: I wasn't assasinating anyone's character...just their freaking-out-ness at seeing an internet video where Christians are observed by a non-Christian in a sidesplittingly funny/heartbreakingly sad way

Darlene said...


How anyone who calls themselves a Christian could find this man hilarious shows something is very distorted in their thinking. I could not continue to listen when he began mocking the Incarnation. It disturbed me intensely that mocking our Lord and Savior could be classified as entertainment.

No, he is not merely mocking the weaknesses of Christians. Rather, he is mocking the Living God, our Lord Jesus Christ. That one who calls themselves a Christian, a Christ follower, could laugh at the precious name of Jesus being dragged through the mud, and what He has done in the Incarnation being mocked and blasphemed, is beyond my understanding - truly it is.

How very sad that you have stooped to this level to put such filth on a website that is supposed to glorify God.

Truly, I hope that you examine yourself and remove this. It is neither helpful in drawing others to Christ nor does it glorify our Heavenly Father.

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