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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


As I work on the next installment of our Systematic Theology, here is a quick post that I myself will bump. Below are some resources that I have found very helpful in my studies:

The Spurgeon Archive - This is a great repository of Spurgeon resources put together by Phil Johnson. I go to the sermon section often to grab a .PDF of a sermon where Spurgeon has dealt with the text that I am studying. While you are here, browse around. Many great, helpful things on this site.

Spurgeon Gems - This works as a great cross resource for Phil's site. It has, I believe, more .PDF's available. But the indexing is not as easy. Start at Phil's site, and if there is not a link for the sermon you are looking for, take note of the number. Then jump over here and you will likely find it.

Dr. Barrick's blog - This was one of my Hebrew Prof's at The Master's Seminary. Lots of good resources as well, most notably his outlines on the book of Psalms. He is currently on Ps 91. But I also post this to see if we can resurrect "T"! C'mon, post something from your Seminary classes!

E-Sword - If you have not seen this yet, it is hands down the best free Bible study software ever. And it even outruns many you have to pay for. Excellent, excellent. Free shell, free ESV, free Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Free HOT and GNT, free Treasury of David, free Keil and Delitzsch HOT commentary. And many, many others. Sorry, not for Mac yet.

Bible Bulletin Board - A great resource for transcripts of sermons. Also searchable. If you have a solid church, submit your info and he will post you on his site to help others find a good church.

As of friend of mine always says: "It's a great time to be alive".


Kymanika said...

I switched from E Bible to Bible Explorer. BE gives you the ESV free.

You can get it here

Here is a list of the free books it comes with:

Justin Evans said...

Great info, thank you. Hopefully we will have other post the resources they know of as well. A good cross section of information to have.

Jake said... is an outstanding Puritans resource, tons of great stuff here, highly recommended.

Also, has to be one of the most massive reformed theology resources online, also highly recommended. (They have pencil sketches of John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, and a whole bunch of other contemporary Reformers... how can you not love it?!)

Justin Evans said...

Excellent, thanks Jake.

Arthur Sido said...

I love me some e-Sword, and the price is just right! I turn to that and the Monergism resources pages when doing sermon prep.

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