Contend Earnestly: Bethel Baptist Church

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bethel Baptist Church

Ok, so I've been pretty slammed this week, and today looks about the same. But I didn't want to miss two days of posting (take it easy, Seth). Knowing that the next installment of the Systematic Theology is going to take a bit of time to do it right, I wanted to highlight a friend of mine who is a Pastor in Delaware at Bethel Baptist Church. Clay and I attended church together for a few years in Issaquah, Wa. I also had the privelege of attending some seminary classes with him in Southern California. He is a godly man who loves the word of God. Check him out:

Bethel Baptist Church

As an interesting side note, I noticed that Tony Capoccia recently spoke at their church. He heads up the Bible Bulletin Board site.


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