Contend Earnestly: You Know What Amazes Me Most?

Monday, June 28, 2010

You Know What Amazes Me Most?

What amazes me most is how many people are willing to speak out against Islam and they have zero Muslim friends. This is a recipe for straw man arguments and a desire to spread false information that usually breads hatred and racism.

When I look to the Scriptures, it seems as though Jesus befriended people all the time and knew them personally. As he sat with them, that is when he called out their wrong thinking or just plain sin.

I propose that before you write, blog or hand out tracts or Bibles to about 1.5 Billion might want to get to know one first. I say, instead of leading with rhetoric, we lead with a hand of help, a hand of fellowship, a hand of friendship. This is what it means to love your neighbor, to love someone else, before they love you. This is what God did for us. This is how we can follow Christ more fully and exemplify Him to the world, especially Muslims.

I know that is crazy talk...but I figured I might as well go over the edge since some consider me a heretic anyways.


Darlene said...


Why are you so focused on Islam/Muslims in many of your posts? Do you believe you have a calling to the Muslim people in particular?

For example, when I attended a religious college (won't say name or denomination), many of the people there believed they had a calling to a particular people (for example Jews) or a particular country (Africa for example). These folks would pray in particular for this group of people. It was all predicated on the belief that they were "called" to be a witness to a specific nation/people.

The Apostle Paul was called by the Holy Spirit to be a witness of Christ to the gentiles. St. Patrick went to Ireland. Another saint (can't recall his name off hand) went to Russia. In each of these cases (and many more too numerous to mention) Christians believed they had a specific calling to a specific people.

Is this the case with you? Have you been called to be a witness of Christ to the Muslim people in particular?

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