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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Contend Earnestly Authorship Changes

If you haven't noticed already, there are some other guys starting to post on Contend Earnestly. When Contend Earnestly started 4 years ago, it was originally four of us that were blogging. Because of schedules, etc. I was the only one who stuck it out and it ended up being really, my blog. I have always wanted to make it a multiple authored blog and glad I have guys that I trust and respect that have full reign to write whatever they want. One of the other things I have wanted to do is start a blog with an atheist or agnostic, on culture, etc. to just broaden my horizons and have some fun while doing it. Anyways...that hasn't happened here, but might in the future...who knows.

I wanted to introduce you to the guys that will be writing every once and a while. Being they are very busy, I am not putting up some schedule for them to follow or even topics for them to write on. They will write when they can write, and your job is to read and comment and challenge our notions. Because there will be multiple writers, I am hoping that people will not merely comment on my twitter or facebook pages, but actually come here and comment. Most of my posts generate numerous comments, but, for whatever reason, those comments seem to have migrated away from the actual blog. Although you will see myself and three (possibly four) other authors, I am only going to introduce you to two of the guys as my other buddy wants to stay somewhat anonymous, which I totally understand.

Here are the guys, they are big boys and you can challenge them however you want. But, as usual, bring your "A game."

Mike G.

There is really too much about Mike to put here as it would become long and ridiculous. Plus, it might build up his pride, and we can't have that. Mike is one of the co-founders of Mars Hill Church, alongside Mark Driscoll and Leif Moi, and from there founded Harambee Church, where I currently attend. Mike has literally been all over the map, both planting churches and encouraging pastors. I am not sure all the places he has been, but it seems as though India, Pakistan and Ecuador are his homes away from home. Although Mike has quite the personality, his wife Donna is far funnier, and doesn't mind throwing Mike under the bus every once and while to keep him check. What I mean is that Donna doesn't think Mike is a super hero like some other pastor's wives I've seen. Although, I think that Mike might be a super hero, but that is for another discussion. Mike and Donna are about to leave for a year to find out exactly what the next stage in their life and ministry will be and, although this is exciting, it is also quite the loss for us at Harambee, but God is the Gospel, not Mike. Mike has a clear heart for the unreached and takes this love for them and culture to bring forth the gospel clearly in both his writing and preaching. To be blunt. Mike is one of the best pastors I have ever heard and his understanding of Gospel and Culture rivals anyone. You'll enjoy his posts and I'm excited for my readers to be able to see how Mike can truly split open your heart with the gospel and have your desires be more for God than self.

Pete Williamson

I actually met Pete after the Resurgence Conference when he posted some information on his blog about Tim Smith's Rain City Hymnal. From there, our friendship has really grown and Pete is the reason why I even went to Harambee. Pete told me that Mike G. and Co. would challenge me farther than I will have ever been challenged. Pete is the pastor of Oikos Fellowship up in Bellingham, WA. Oikos was one of the first, if not the first, plants by Mars Hill back in 2003 (or around there). Pete, along with a few others, was instrumental in aiding me while I dealt with serious issues at my last church. So much so, that he wasn't willing to merely tell me to leave, but challenged me to make sure I was making a godly decision and not a man-centered one. Pete's new vision definitely revolves around Zambia. He has been there 3 times in about 13 months preaching at conferences and aiding the local churches. Pete never follows the crowd for the sake of following the crowd. He always questions the movements of churches by the Scriptures, not for the sake of being different, but because of his love for the glory of God and not the glory of movements. Pete will challenge you. He will raise questions you might take for granted. But, Pete does all this because he is truly trying to get to the bottom of what God desires for us and for our generation. I think you'll really enjoy his perspectives on things and how they affect our lives, I know I have.


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