Contend Earnestly: Christianity Explained in 3 Minutes

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Christianity Explained in 3 Minutes

Any thoughts on this video?


Thesauros said...

Nice - I like the way God speaks to each of us as individuals, hears our prayers as though we're the only one praying, keeps us in His plan as though it was made just for us. See you there!

Josh R said...

The video is not bad -- I particularly like the 4th world -- I do think the rest of is was a bit to simplistic. Jesus did more than "teach us how to live" I think a gospel message should include death of the old self and birth of the new self.

But for 3 minutes it does a pretty good job..

Bryce said...

I met a guy for a burrito yesterday that loved drawing simplistic illustrations of complex concepts. He would love this.

Joel said...

Some good thoughts in this but I think it just repackages humanism in a 'Christian' blanket. The Bible never says the world will be a better place - it will one day be destroyed by God and that he would bring a new world for the saved to be together forever with God. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be good stewards of the world and work with God to love other, but to think we somehow are going to be part of bringing utopia to the world is not Biblically sound.

Unknown said...

Oh dear! That would almost work on Oprah! Christian words but no Christian message. People do not need a better world or to be nicer to each other--they need a Savior.

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