Contend Earnestly: Pastor Joe Schmo Interview Series

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pastor Joe Schmo Interview Series

Most pastors around the world are relatively unknown, yet do the work of Christ everyday to the fullest of their ability. They will stand in front of the Christ and give an account for those put under their charge. Most entering into heaven will point to their local pastor as the one who aided in their growth of the glories of the cross. But, they are largely unknown to the public as a whole. They are the ones buying the tickets to the conferences not speaking at them, they are reviewing books, not writing them, and they are the ones asking the questions on "how" instead of answering them. They are your local pastor.

They labor just as much as those we know and podcast every week. They might someday be known to a wider audience, they might not, but they still labor for the sake of the cross. I am not taking anything away from the pastors that everyone knows and desires to listen to, but most of us aren't under their direct leadership and preaching. If we were to walk down the street John Piper wouldn't know me by name or recognize me, but my pastor would not only recognize me, he would take me to lunch and pray with me and ask how my family is, and name them by name. God has put him in charge over me for the sake of my soul. Your pastor is probably the same.

I would like to do an interview series on the local "Joe Schmo" pastors who are relatively unknown and simply do the work for God and not for man. The interviews will be serious, but with a flare of humor as well...because what kind of interview from me would it be if it wasn't somewhat funny?

I am asking for some help here. I would like to know some pastors that I should interview. I would like to know from you why I should interview them and what they have meant to you. You can either email me at smcbee at mcbeeadvisors dot com or you can simply comment in this post. Please spread the word on this as I would like to have many pastors to choose from to interview and make this something that truly glorifies Christ and the work that he is doing around the nation and possibly the world.

There are four guys that I will probably interview right off the bat. They are friends of mine that I know fight for the gospel and labor under the banner of Christ for his glory.

Erik Raymond from Omaha Bible Church South and from Irish Calvinist fame

Tim Lien from Riverwood Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa,AL

David Drake from Crosswinds Church in Wyoming, MI

Pete Williamson from Oikos Fellowship in Bellingham, WA
Any help is appreciated.


Brent said...

Brad Kellum from Bible Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE.

His heart for ministry is an inspiration to me as his teammate. He has been a great mentor to me, as well as example of a godly husband and father.

Seth McBee said...


Thanks for the heads up. I will be putting my list together, along with questions soon.

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