Contend Earnestly: Mark Driscoll on CNN

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mark Driscoll on CNN

Mark did what he could with the time he had with D.L. I hope that he had some off camera time with him to really speak to him. The best thing that could actually come out of this would be if D.L. started to listen to Driscoll's sermons. The reason I say this is because Driscoll didn't get that much time to speak about Christ with D.L. I also am tired of Ingrid over at Slice of Skubalon. She seriously needs to put a cork in it. She is a liar and one that spreads a lot of hatred. Dave has a good challenge to her.


Reforming Baptist said...

He simply answered his questions in his own Marky way. I guess asking him if he "digged" Jesus wasn't really the right thing to say. Whatever "digging" means to DL and whoever "Jesus" is to DL is open to interpretation. I know what Mark meant by that, but the lost guy out there who isn't an atheist thinks he's Ok in God's sight. We don't want to leave them with that impression. I think Mark did that by just asking him if he digs Jesus. DL walks away thinking he's cool with God.

On the positive side, he did leave the door open for the guy to keep asking questions and maybe you're right, he'll read some of his stuff or listen to a few sermons and get saved!

Anonymous said...

I have to say Marky has a way of fishin' different than mine. I can learn from him though and didn't find any untheological issue, so far, I could take issue with!

When you survey the land of the first disciples you can see Mark Driscoll's personality. The more important matter is what Jesus called us forth to do:::>

Mat 4:19 And he said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."
Mat 4:20 Immediately they left their nets and followed him.

It all sounds so fishy to me! :)

Puritan Lad said...

I don't read much if Ingrid, but Dave's response didn't tell us much. If you call someone a liar, you need to expound upon that lie. In not doing so, Dave is every bit as "critical" as Ingrid.

And if the issue is over Mark Driscoll's sex talks, she is right. Mark Driscoll is a pervert who needs to stick to the expository preaching of God's Word (which he is good at) and lay off the "sermons" about how to turn your wife into a dominatrix.

Seth McBee said...

Puritan Lad.

David is speaking of ongoing issues with Slice of Laodicea. This isn't the first time that something has tried to be said. Slice and Ingrid could care less. They fire off whatever they feel to boost their self esteem.

This continues to happen over and over again.

And by you saying that Driscoll is a pervert is one of the stupidest things I have heard in a while.

The problem is that no one is willing to answer honest questions from new and mature Christians on sex within marriage. Most pastors just aren't comfortable with the subject, where Driscoll has tried his best to answer from a biblical standpoint what the Scriptures say or doesn't say in regards to sex within marriage.

Still can't believe you would call him a pervert.

And his sermons on sex were very expository, not sure if you listened to any of them.

Puritan Lad said...


With all due respect, I have heard Driscoll's sex sermons. They clearly cross the line from Biblical Exposition into flat out smut. (and I'm not exactly a prude.)

Of course, he falls right in line with the spirit of our age. The more sex talk, the better.

Anonymous said...

Puritan Lad: Exegete Ezekiel 23 for me...then come back and we will continue this conversation.

Clearly is a big, powerful word, that you have robbed of any meaning becaue it is not at all clear to me, or Seth or many others...

So deal with Ezekiel and then we will move forward in this conversation.


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