Contend Earnestly: A Christian Response to the Freedom of Choice Act

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Christian Response to the Freedom of Choice Act

It looks as though the Freedom of Choice Act is gaining ground now that our new President has taken office. I guess it should be no surprise and this was one of the reasons I didn't vote for him (I actually didn't vote at all, read this post on why I didn't). Here are some specifics, that I believe to be accurate, but if I am wrong please let me know:

If FOCA passes, pro-abortion principles will be codified into federal law. It would sweep away common sense regulations states have imposed, such as parental notification when minors seek abortions, waiting periods and counseling, or restrictions on state funding for abortions. It would also win the 'battle in the courts' by winning in the legislative venue.
American Issues Project (I don't agree with the whole article, because I think protesting with signs and marches is a little odd)

But, now that it is coming, what should the Christian do in response to this? Does this mean that I must pray for the demise of our President? Does this mean that I should not pay taxes? Below are some quick things I believe we should be doing as Christians.

We must still rely on our God that he is in control. We don't know why God would allow such a thing to be passed, but we do know that God works out all things for good for those who trust in Him. At this time we don't know how this could be, and we might never know. But if the FOCA passes, it does not negate the fact that God is in control of all things. Sometimes he allows evil to be done to work out his final will and his final purposes.

We must pray for our President. This does not mean that we pray that this passes, but we must pray that Obama comes to faith in Jesus Christ. We must pray for those Christians that come in direct contact with President Obama, like Pastor Rick Warren. We must pray that God would give our President knowledge and insight on what is right as our leader. We must pray that he would see the error in this legislation and change his mind. We must also pray that if this does go through that God's glory would be seen through this. Can God's glory be shown through evil? Yes, of course it can, sometimes we just can't see it right away.

We must still pay our taxes. This really stinks to be honest. I don't like the idea of my tax money to be paying for abortions, even though it has been for quite awhile since my taxes support Planned Parenthood. But, my taxes are also sent off to give Iraq by the millions every month too. My taxes help pay for overspending by our government, wars that I don't agree with and many other things that make me cringe. Not only this but Christ and Paul both said to pay taxes even while the governments they were involved with were highly scandalous. We know that the Holy Spirit inspired all of Scripture. Christ and Paul spoke of paying our taxes and afterwards, Christ was crucified and Nero burnt Christians at the stake to light up his gardens, all with tax money paid in part by Christians themselves. Think of this. Christ paid, in part, for his own crucifixion with the money that was found in the mouth of the fish. No doubt, we still have to pay our taxes. No doubt God's plan also came to fruition because of it.

Be careful how you speak to others about this. We need to be careful how we talk to others about this bill and about abortion in general. Do I believe that all abortion is sin? Yes, I do. Do I believe that it is murder? Yes, I do. But, the fact still remains that when I am speaking to others, I do not know their walk of life or what their past entails. I would hope that we would all be careful with how we speak to people who have had abortions in the past. Was it wrong? Yes. But, should we be gentle on how we broach the subject with them and show them their error? Yes. Too many times I have seen or found people to be very upfront with their thoughts on this that although their words are truth, the way that they go about it makes it sound like they should have a pitch fork and torch so that they can burn their enemies. This is why I am not a big proponent of picketing with signs and screaming. I just don't know how this helps. I believe how we can help is to speak to the individuals who are going through these decisions and tough times, but that would take some personal time from watching TV and finding all the verses in the Bible that shows you're right and they are wrong.

In the end, do I disagree with the FOCA? Yes. It really gives me a sick feeling of what it entails. Does this give me the right to pray for my President's demise or failure? I do not believe so. Does this make me long for the days of Christ's coming? Yes. Does this make me want to live more for Christ now, and proclaim his mercies and goodness to others? Yes.

I pray that we, as Christians, can be the salt of the earth and cities on the hill through this. I also pray that we wouldn't' be cities on the hill with high walls around us where we attack all those who come to our gates.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Anonymous said...


Sensitive statement, particularly the last few paragraphs about how to treat discussion about this issue. Thank you for posting it.

I did cringe at one point though.

we must pray that Obama comes to faith in Jesus Christ

I would suggest this may bee a moot prayer. Obama seems to have a faith, and he seems to declare it as a faith in Jesus. That he supports policy that does not fit with that faith doesn't disqualify him for having faith.

Even Peter, inspired writer of some of our scriptures, had to be admonished by Paul for 'unchristian behaviour' when at one point Peter seperated himself from Gentile believers. His faith in Jesus was not dismissed because of support for a policy that does not fit that faith.

Better to pray, as you so elegantly went on to say, for The President to be able to hear God's voice in this and to act accordingly.

It will be tough for him. He must weigh up the missionary's tension between what is realisable and what is ideal. He'll have to take into account how much political credibility he has, and whether to use up his political 'points' on this issue, or keep them to fight a different battle in his political vision for the US (like the withdrawal from Iraq, or health care reform, whaterver form that ends up taking.

I know I'll be praying for him even though I'm not in or of the US. And thanks to you again for taking the time to write the post in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Here is on in the category of being total stupidity! I was watching an interview a Fox news person was doing at one of the Inaugural Balls with a T.V. actress. The news person ask for the actress's feelings of about Barack Obama becoming the 44th President. Then she asked what one thing she hoped Obama would do immediately by executive order the next day?

The actress said something like this: "oh, there is such kindness in the air, everyone is so happy.

Then she said something like this:

"I would want the President to rescind President Bush's executive order prohibiting U.S. federal dollars being spent on abortions in foreign countries permitting the FOCA to be reinstated!"

That is about as stupid as the bumper stickers on a car I was driving behind. One said, "save" the whales while the other said, "I'm pro-choice", it's my own damn buisness what I do with my body!

It still remains true that the most deadly place on earth is a mother's womb, "6,000" abortions a day!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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