Contend Earnestly: Rain City Hymnal

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rain City Hymnal

I just wanted to point out a CD that I bought while I was at the Resurgence Conference. It is a compilation of hymns brought back to life. I always liked the old hymns but the only problem that I had with them is that each one took 15 minutes to sing, because the music was so frickin slow. I used to live in the country towns of Oklahoma, so to say that hymns are boring, I would have lost my first born to the local pastor. But, Pastor Tim Smith and the guys at Mars Hill have put together a great album that puts the old hymns to new music and the CD is very well done and I have very much enjoyed it. For additional information on some of the background of the CD, check out the Doxologist. The title is called "Rain City Hymnal: Volume 1" and the tracks are (not in order):

1. All Creatures: Team Strike Force
2. I'll Fly Away: E-Pop
3. Doxology: The Northern Conspiracy
4. Here is Love: Ex Nihilo
5. We Have Not Known Thee: Team Strike Force
6. Amazing Love: The Northern Conspiracy
7. I See the Mighty Power of God: Ex Nihilo
8. Softly and Tenderly: Team Strike Force
9. The Solid Rock: E-Pop
10. What Wonderous Love is This: Ex Nihilo
11. Oh the Deep, Deep: BCG
12. Man of Sorrows: Ex Nihilo

I was going to put down my favorites, but seriously I would have listed 8 out of the 12 songs. The only problem with posting this is that they have yet to get it to iTunes or any kind of distribution. You can check here to get updates on when that might happen, but for now, I am going to hoard this music and just laugh. If you want to get some other great FREE downloads of some of the old greats with new music, you can get those at the Mars Hill media download site. The bands that are very solid and continue to impress are definitely, The Northern Conspiracy, E-Pop and Team Strike Force. I highly recommend downloading their songs as they are very good.

Some of my favorite music downloads from these guys are:

The Northern Conspiracy

I Look at The Cross
The Glory of God
At the Foot of the Cross


All Creatures
Just As I Am (if you are super will hate this song...but I love it)
My Jesus I Love Thee
Oh My God
How Deep the Father's Love

Team Strike Force

How Great Thou Art

Hope you enjoy the music, as I know that it has been a true blessing for me and even my kids are digging it and they are young...5 and 2. Another fan of the music is Pastor Pete Williamson over at Oikos Fellowship in Bellingham.


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