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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Any readers left?

It has been a while since I have come to the blog to write and have missed it in part but also have enjoyed taking a hiatus for a bit. I have really been focusing my time on what it is God is calling me to do as a leader in my church and what reforms must I take in my own life. Through this process it has brought me in understanding some of my weaknesses that need to work on but also has driven me, once again, back to the main thing: the Cross of our Christ.

I was reading a short biography on the biography of William Wilberforce the other night and Wilberforce said something that I have heard before but once again struck at the heart of understanding the gospel and our lives in Christ.

My grand objection to the religious system still held by many who declare
themselves orthodox, that it tends to render Christianity so much
a system of prohibitions rather than of privilege and hopes, and thus the
injunction to rejoice, so strongly enforced in the New Testament, is practically
neglected, and Religion is made to wear a forbidding and gloomy air and not one
of peace and hope and joy.

Is this not an indictment to us today? Is this not an indictment to myself? Instead of focusing what God provides to us for our joy and peace we tend to bring gloom on those areas that we are convicted to be wrong and sin, when taking a closer look have more to do with our upbringing than the actual Scriptural mandate against such things.

One of the main things that bothers me within any church is the perception of how one dresses is a look into their holiness. How is this biblical? I believe it was Mark Driscoll who stated that the only time dress is mentioned in the New Testament is always speaking against dressing up in a formal manner and focuses it's time on merely dressing modestly. Yet, if some do not dress in a shirt and tie, some ask, "Why don't they love God more?" This is not the only instance but it is a root of many problems. Meaning, our convictions become from what we tend to like or dislike NOT what is biblically mandated.

I had the opportunity to participate in a mock interview for an aspiring pastor and one asked what his thought was of dancing in the aisles and other forms of worship. He responded by saying, "I don't agree with it, I don't know if I have a biblical reason for all things, but I am pretty sure that if I see something that I don't agree with I will just know it." Now my indictment is not on his thoughts on dancing in the aisles, but in the answer. I told him this and he agreed and this gentleman is a great man of God, but his answer was more wide spread than I think he knew.

This seems to be the answer by most in the Christian culture these days. "If I don't like it, it is wrong." Hmmm...seems Pharisaical to me.

Anyway...I don't want to rant all night on this subject, but this hiatus has been a good opportunity to root my answers to the only thing I need to defend and that is the Scriptures, not my likes or dislikes. And in the end, the only thing I want to be known for defending is the cross of Christ. We need to be a church of joy and peace and not one of prohibitions, unless they are biblically warranted.

May God bless you and your ministry, where ever you are and whatever capacity He has called you to.


Turretinfan said...

Glad to see you posting again!


Bob Hayton said...

Excellent post, brother.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Seth.

If "If I don't like it, it is wrong." refers to all other people then you're probably right. However, let's not forget Jas 4:17.

Seth McBee said...

Hey guys...thanks for the encouragement...

"bob" you are very right in your assesment...if I am convinced that something is sin, yet know that I cannot completely prove it outright in the Bible, but for me it is a conviction...I must abstain...but not put that yoke on another brother.

Showing grace and discernment is one of the hardest things to be consistant in

by the way "bob" you wanna give us any information on who you are or where you are from? Just curious...You have been a part of this "family" for a while and we know nothing of you besides your insights...

Reforming Baptist said...

it's about time!! J/K I'll actually be using some of the stuff you posted for my Reformation Day sermon coming up in a couple of weeks....that'll be the first one that this IFB church has ever experienced!

David Shaw said...


It is good that you were able to take time to dedicate to God, making the reforms He has for you and dedicating yourself to
scripture. It is wonderful to get the time to do that through the course of our lives.

You said, "..this hiatus has been a good opportunity to root my answers to the only thing I need to defend and that is the Scriptures, not my likes or dislikes." Too often Christians want everyone to be just like them. They think that if everyone thought/acted the way that they do then the world would be a better place. This mentatility causes them to force their opinions on others. Opinions on matters that don't really matter in the end. LIke you said if scripture warrents an objection then one needs to be made but too often we squabble on matters that don't matter.

Good post. I was curious, are you still doing the ride alongs?

Seth McBee said...

david...thanks for your insights and thuoghts...

as far as the ride a longs...I was only able to do a couple of them before the policeman's dog was deemed "too old" and was forced to retire (the dog that is). So the officer I was riding along with has been reassigned and now works patrol from 3am to I just need to hook up with him on the new route...

Seth McBee said...


it is honoring to think someone could use anything I write! All glory to God

Must be excited to bring the truths this weekend...preach it brother.

I am actually thinking and have been thinking of doing a small handbook on the 5 Solas of the Reformation

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