Contend Earnestly: Hurricane Katrina and the liberal media

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hurricane Katrina and the liberal media

We will bookend the week with another article from John Piper. I was greatly encouraged by this bold statement that was published shortly after Katrina. It not only calls to account the blasphemous accusations of man against God, but also provides us with a biblical response to such tragedies.

God is supreme. God is sovereign. May we all learn the cover our mouths, but do so quicker than Job did (40:4).

Click here to read the article. It is imbedded in a .PDF, so I apologize in advance for the awkward format. But the content is too good to pass up.


Jake said...

Justin- I loved the article, but I'm not sure what it has to do with the media, can you explain a bit more?

Justin Evans said...


Life would be a lot easier on those who know me if they could just read my mind instead of trying to figure out my words, sometimes! Daniel Schorr of NPR is a news analyst that made the statement that if God had caused this Hurricane, He would have something to answer for. And this is what prompted Piper's article.

I see it as a two-fold show of Schorr's depravity; one aspect is that he is implying that God does not exist (Rom 1:18), and even if He does, that He is answerable to man for His actions (Job 9:1-13)

Perhaps not the best title, thinking back on it, but this was what I was originally thinking.

Jake said...

Ah, OK, that makes sense... Thanks for the clarification :).

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the posting of this great article. I have heard much about it so I decided to sit down for a few and read it. What a great correlation to Job. I guess since Mr. Schorr is a senior new analyst that he has the power to challenge God. Silly, foolish man. They will never learn outside of divine revelation.

Justin Evans said...


I agree. Without God's word, and His mercy in my life, I would be a blasphemer too. How gracious is our Savior!

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