Contend Earnestly: Purpose Driven Drought

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Purpose Driven Drought

As I first saw on Irish Calvinist the Purpose Driven Organization is now dead. Instead of 40 days of Purpose looks like it will be more like 40 days of Drought.

Take a look.

Painful Decline from Christianity Today.


Justin Evans said...

When Rocky Wyatt from Countryside Bible Church came to preach at our church last February, he also spoke at the men's breakfast the Saturday prior. He was informing us of some of the disturbing trends regarding the Emergent Church. One of the aspects that he brought out is that even the world appears to see the froth and shallowness of the Seeker-Friendly movement. Now that the movement has lost steam, it seems that this is one of the reasons the Emergent Church is so popular now. An even deadlier wave of error. And the article points this out.

These are indeed "difficult times" (2 Tim 3:1). Macarthur notes that this phrase can be translated "savage seasons". Even though the movement is dead, it has done so much damage, that it seems impossible to ever imagine its affects disappearing. But Christ will build His church!

Seth McBee said...

Couldn't agree more. Who knows what this really means with them going under or what "wave" Rick will catch next. Emergent would be surprising to me being that the emergent church despises them being put into the same category as Rick's seeker movement. They even got a little preturbed when Rick wrote a prelude to one of "their" books.

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