Contend Earnestly: A Man Named Mentor

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Man Named Mentor

According to Homer’s Odyssey, when King Odysseus went off to fight in the Trojan War, he left his son Telemachus in the hands of a wise old man named Mentor. Mentor was charged with the task off teaching the young man wisdom.

More than 2,000 years after Homer, a French scholar and theologian by the name of Francois Fenelon adapted the story of Telemachus in a novel titled Telemaque. In it he enlarged the character of Mentor. The word mentor soon came to mean “a wise and responsible tutor”—an experienced person who advises, guides, teaches, inspires, challenges, corrects, and serves as a model. –OUR DAILY BREAD

Second Timothy 2:2 describes spiritual mentoring, and the Bible gives us many examples like Timothy had Paul; Mark had Barnabas; Joshua had Moses; Elisha had Elijah.

Do you have one or more mentors? I was thinking about that question and I realized that I have been blessed with a few different mentors in my life. I met with and elder for three and a half years every Wednesday morning at 5am. He would primarily advise and guide me in regards to my bible study. In business I worked for a man for four years who mentored me in business affairs. I consider another man a mentor of mine in the area of business investments.

The two most influential men in my life have been my father and my pastor. My father has been a mentor to me in all areas of life from sports, marriage, spiritual, business, and much more. I could never say enough about how much my father has influenced me. My pastor began as my Dean of Men at TMC, and then he became my discipler, then a marriage counselor, then a friend and then my pastor.

Rarely do I make any decisions without seeking the counsel of almost all of these men. All of these men have helped me in my faith and my relationships. I consider myself very fortunate to have such wise counselors.

Do you have a mentor or mentors in your life? 2 Timothy 1:16 mentions a man named Onesiphorus who eagerly searched out and found Paul. Search out Godly people and asked them to spend time with you. Your mentors might have different strengths. Maybe you have music or sports mentors who are quite different than your spiritual mentor.

Remember God teaches each one of us so that we can teach others. Not only should you have mentors but also you may be a mentor to someone else.

Remember the beginning of the story? What a legacy Mentor left behind. He was so successful at providing wisdom and influence that to this day we call that process “mentor”. Why are you here? What is the purpose of your life? What legacy are you leaving behind? There is no greater legacy than that of a human life influenced by you.


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