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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Update on My Father

Here is the update on the pops...

His vitals are looking better and he is more alert. His blood pressure is around the more normal range without any aid of meds, just the old school body doing it's thing.

They gave him meds to lower his white blood cells because they were taking over his body. The CT scan revealed that the infection isn't localized but his entire abdomen has an infection within it. So, my mom doesn't think that surgery is possible. What will happen is that as the red and white blood cells start to rebuild the body will destroy the infection itself, which will cause immense pain to my father.

At this point, be praying that the body will destroy the infection itself and pray for my dad as this will cause him great pain and discomfort. From what they said, most, if not all, his major organs are inflamed.

My mom is staying at the hospital in his room and is very calm and patient and I have been praying with her. She continues to speak of the love of Jesus and the fact that God is in control and that his will, will be done and we need to trust in God, not what we see.

I will be going to see my parents tonight, but I will only be able to see him for possibly 5 to 10 seconds. Yeah...I said seconds. I will have to be in a full gown with mask on as he cannot get even the slightest germ from anyone at this point. Also, it is protection for me as his virus that he has is highly contagious.

Our God can be trusted and he knows what is best for us. He knows what is best for my father, he knows what is best for my mother and he knows especially the best way to scream his name among the nations.

Please be praying. Be praying that God's name will be exalted through this. We do not His will on my dad's health, but we do know that God's will is that his name be glorified in this. Please use this opportunity for the sake of Christ in any way you can.

My dad's situation is still vital, but even more vital are the souls who do not know Jesus. I love my father and I know him very well. And his goal in this life has always been that God would use his terrible health condition to show forth the glories of Christ. May I be so bold.

For His Glory Alone.



Anonymous said...

Seth, we are on twitter together and i am praying also for your family, esp your mom and Dad. and
what you wrote on your blog...'we do know that God's will is that his name be glorified in this'
Rebecca S swins twitterer

Anonymous said...


Any update on your dad, I have been praying for him.


Seth McBee said...

Rebecca and Bill.
Thank you so much for the means a lot.

For the update, check out the latest post. To be short...he is expected to have a full recovery.

Reforming Baptist said...

great article. It's interesting to see this being noticed by the world.

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