Contend Earnestly: Stop Working and Start Reading

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stop Working and Start Reading

Mark Driscoll has a tribute to John MacArthur (I will resist any commentary on this)

The rest of these are links to some of my friends' and enjoy. I think I should become a blogging agent.

My friend Erik over at Irish Calvinist has a great article on the "New Fundamentalists of Christianity": Buyer beware...I think I am one...scary, I need to repent.

David at Calvin and Calvinism has a great resource in John Brown's removal of Legal Obstacles

My friend Ted Kluck is over in Kiev adopting his second son Maxim and has some funny insights on things he is doing while over there. I think he would give my blog 1 Sausage.

Tim Lien shares some craziness from an undercover operative trying to up-end Christians on Spring break. I might also add that I am winning in our bet for the tourney...start making your sign baby sprinkler :)

Dave has taken on a new venture called the Crosswinds Experiment. Check it.


erik raymond said...

Thanks for the link Seth. You make a good blogging agent. I guess I can't come back for my senior year now. Dang.

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