Contend Earnestly: Just trying to help out my homeschooled homies

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just trying to help out my homeschooled homies

Before you get too mad at this post, know that I like to poke fun of my friends that have decided to have school on their couch. But, for some reason they still love me and allow me into their world of school on video, the lunch lady also called mom and where getting out of schooling because of snow is non-existant. I care about my homeschooled friends. Some have recently asked me to speak at their senior celebration. Not sure if that was smart...asking a sarcastic jerk that was public schooled to be the emcee at a homeschool function? Why not just give your daughters over to crack addicts?

Anyways...I am already going to get a lot of emails for what I stated above...which is fine, because that gives me more material to use for jokes.

What I want to do is simply warn my homeschooled friends. I saw a commercial for something that I know you think is pretty cool and probably already ordered one for your whole family. I know you were upset that they didn't have any in plaid, but turquoise blue will work. This is just a warning. The product is not cool. It is not something you should buy. Stay away from it. I know you want to get one and wear it while you watch Little House on the Prairie, but please resist the temptation like you resist a science teacher teaching evolution. Although this product looks very useful and will make your Trekkie friends all jealous, please do not pick up the phone. Although you might look like someone from Star Wars if you wear it, know that Star Wars isn't really up on fashion. So, the more you can stay away from looking like someone on the set of Star Wars the better. Anyways...not sure what I am talking about? Take a look at the video below....and matter not pick up your rotary phone and call.


Dwayne Forehand said...

Now come on! What does the Snuggie have to do with us home schoolers?! I mean sure I do feel strangely compelled to dial the number, but that's besides the point!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a cult wardrobe item... but then again HS is just about a cult within America. In fact most Christian churches look like cults...

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