Contend Earnestly: Muslim and Christian Resources: And Some Questions

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Muslim and Christian Resources: And Some Questions

There is an elder in my church who is doing some amazing work within the Muslim communities here in the Seattle area. He works with local churches to aid them in the understanding of how to speak to and serve Muslims in their area. I recently asked him for some resources that would speak to me how he formed his convictions for his ministry to the Muslims. I wanted to put that here for all to have. I have only had the chance to read the Christianity Today article (Muslim Followers of Jesus?) and listen to the Desiring God mp3's from the conference: Evangelicals and A Common Word. Both have already started to impact my thinking. I have not made many actual changes yet, but looking forward to see what the Spirit will teach me through it. Some of the questions that I am honestly asking myself as I read and listen is:

Do Muslims worship the same God? If we believe Jews do, what is the difference?

What does an actual Muslim believe? Do I characterize Muslims in a way that erects straw men instead of their actual convictions? (this is of vital importance) I have read many books on apologetical differences, but have found out that most of them erect unnecessary and unhelpful straw men.

How far can we go to reach Muslims? i.e. Can we pray with them?

What can I appreciate about the Muslim? What can I learn from them?

How can I impact Muslims for the gospel?

Mike is a great resource as he is on the front lines of bringing the gospel to the Muslims. He has been great to me so far in our discussions and I look forward to many more. As I continue, I will probably be interviewing him on this blog and would also like to invite a Muslim as well to interview them to aid us in a correct understanding of what they believe. I hope these resources help.

Evangelicals and A Common Word Conference Lectures (mp3):

Muslim Perspectives on the Writing of "A Common Word" (Caner Dagli and Joesph Lumbard)

Christian Defenses of the Yale Response to "A Common Word" (C. Donald Smedley and Joseph Cumming)

Christian Concerns About the Yale Response to "A Common Word" (John Piper and Al Mohler)

Questions and Answers


Muslim Followers of Jesus?

Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslims Road by Paul Gordon Chandler (

Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam by Fouad Accad

No God But God by Reza Aslan

How to Win A Cosmic War by Reza Aslan

Muslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God by Rick Love (


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