Contend Earnestly: Following Jesus and Still a Muslim?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Following Jesus and Still a Muslim?

Any thoughts on this video? It hits me pretty hard to see what Christ is doing around the world. I am picking up this book today to read more about the understanding of the Muslim world: A Deadly Misunderstanding by Mark D. Siljander

As a follow up to this video, please read this article as well: Muslim Followers of Jesus?

Following Jesus from The Global Conversation on Vimeo.


SnatchedFromTheFire said...
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SnatchedFromTheFire said...

My very first question for you would be, 'what are YOUR thoughts on this video?' It's easy to fall into the trap of the Judaisers in Paul's day and expect 'converts' to follow certain rules and practices before they were accepted, sure. That said, Paul was also VERY clear about what the gospel was and what it wasn't. Talk to Mormons for example, and you'll also hear a lot of things that sound orthodox - press them further to explain those staments and the reality of how far they are from God is evident. By all means, look further, but guard yourself as well lest you change your site's name to Contend ...fairly hard.

Seth McBee said...


My thoughts are that it moved me profoundly. Hearing people being saved within the context and culture of Islam is very moving, especially with what is reported by our media outlets about them.

I believe that the Muslims are being very clear what the gospel is. They aren't like Mormons. Mormons are polytheistic and have all sorts of whacked out thoughts on theological insights. What I am not saying is that a Muslim who denies Christ as the Son of God who was killed on the cross and rose again for our sins is going to heaven. I am not saying this. What I am saying, is that I believe a Muslim, can stay within the Muslim context and be a true follower of Christ.

The same is said of Messainic Jews and Catholics who stay within the Church but do not believe in the whacked out thoughts of the Pope.

Snatched...thanks for asking for clarification on this. I hope this helps. If you need further clarification, please don't hesitate to ask further.

Hope you are well.


And I thought your last line was was good...hahaha

karlito ricardo said...

this is concerning to me, one the one hand it appears to be an obvious paradox to be a christian muslim as to be a christian you must confess Jesus as Lord and the Son of God, to be a muslim you must believe that God (allah) is not begotten nor has he begotten anyone. So i would wonder on what basis are they claiming to be muslim? If their claim to islam is a purely cultural thing then hey great I can see the idea of a "muslim" Christian, but if it's a doctrinal mishmash where youre reading the quran next to the bible then I dont think so. another thing taht concerned me was the fact that the guy said he liked how he could be a christian w/o having to forsake his family, we all know what Jesus said about that. what would happen if he had to forsake his family? I'm interested to see where this goes though...

Seth McBee said...

Not sure why your comment was lost on me...just found it.

If you want to read the problems with the understanding of "son of God" in the Arabic, check out this article...very well written:

Explaining the Biblical Term 'Son(s)of God' in Muslim Contexts

As far as "doctrinal mishmash"...not saying that at all...doctrinal purity, but not forcing cultural conformity.

As far as forsaking your family...if there was a term that is not prescriptive that you could not use and not deny Jesus to stay with your family would you? Let's say that the term "The Way" was very offensive to your family, so you didn't say that you were a follower of "the Way" (which is a biblical term used in Acts to describe the early church) but instead used another biblical term to use so that your family was not hurt...would you do so?

That is all the Muslim follower of Christ is doing.

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