Contend Earnestly: Rick Warren on Criticism

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rick Warren on Criticism

There are many things that I do not agree with in regards to Rick Warren, but I believe that he hits how to respond to criticism on the head. This comes from Driscoll's book, "Vintage Church" and I found this to be quite helpful and insightful. The following is advice from Warren on what someone should do when facing criticism:

1. Turn your critics into coaches by hearing what they are saying and humbly considering if there is any truth to their criticism.

2. Never engage the critics on their terms because it only escalates the conflict and is not productive.

3. Be very careful about firing off emails or leaving voicemails and responding out of anger in a way that you will later regret.

4. Shout louder than your critics to define yourself, and do not allow them to define you.


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