Contend Earnestly: Hip Hop and Christianity Finally Mix

Friday, January 09, 2009

Hip Hop and Christianity Finally Mix

In my years I have been a huge fan of everything urban, the scene, the people, the music, etc. The problem is that the music was so obscene I have had to stop listening to most of it. I had given up on the Christian scene within hip-hop after someone tried to convince me that DC Talk was a good alternative.

It actually took Lecrae and Tedashii coming to Mars Hill's Resurgence Conference for me to see that hip hop has made up major ground within the Christian context. What is interesting is that the guys who are making a major impact are Reformed. The beats are sick, the lyrics are on point and the gospel is being spat. I know most of my readers are not fans of hip hop, which is fine, but these guys make most of the Contemporary Christian Music scene look like nursery hour in a seeker church. I highly, I mean highly commend their records and am very excited that their CD's are making moves on the iTunes best sellers for hip hop overall. Talking about making a dent for Christ. Keep it up guys. Not only are they putting out records, but they are having conferences, putting out curriculum, having concerts and also have tracts for the gospel. These guys are legit in every sense of the word. So legit that they have Piper, Mahaney and Driscoll piped into their songs with excerpts of their preaching. Piper has had interviews, Dricsoll has had interviews...I am telling you, they are making a huge impact. Below is where you can find them and the records that I personally own that have very much enjoyed.

Reach Records

Shai Linne: the Atonement and Storiez

Shai Linne's blog

Cross Movement Records

Flame: Our World Redeemed (he's up for a grammy)

Go check these guys out. What is great is that when you read the lyrics they are spot on. So, not only do you get good beats, but good lyrics.

Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Accidentally posted this to your previous post. Again, i'm sorry for that...

Hey mate. I've been a lurker on your blog for a few months now. Gotta comment and say thanks for this.

I copped a similar thing being a headbanger in the mid/late 80s (Stryper was presented as an alternative to Metallica. WHAT???!)

My music tastes have diversified a lot since then, and a bit of this sort of stuff makes up a part of it. I like the darkness of the poetry with a good beat to carry the words. This stuff is just great (particularly liked Lecrae's take on 1 Cor).

Thanks for heads up :)

Seth McBee said...

John James...

Thanks for peeking your head up from the creepy lurking...:)

I am always happy to point people to material that is truly godly and shares the gospel in amazing ways...

And you view of Stryper didn't go unnoticed :)

brutal. that I know you lurk I will have to find a way to make fun of you. :)

Are you from Australia? seems like I have quite a few visitors from Australia for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

From Aus, living in Scotland. Expect the occacional 'Aye, mate' Scots/Aussie fusion to crop up if/when I comment.

It was the 10 steps to become a legalist that got me in (you really gotta finish that one day. Looking forward to how it ends up.)

Again, thanks for the links.

Seth McBee said...


Right on.

I will be finishing up 10 Steps probably this week...

Thanks for the "push"

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