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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recent Book Purchases

I just bought three books that I am pretty excited to read and figured I would share them here. I am currently reading "Why We Love the Church" by DeYoung and Kluck. I agree with their thoughts on the church, for the most part, but only one page in book would actually constitute as a solid biblical reason to desire organized church. Kluck's chapters crack me up and are solid. DeYoung's, supposedly the exegetical part, haven't been overly exegetical. So, I think those of us that enjoy church and see it's calling, will like the book. But, those who disagree, won't find much to convince them otherwise, besides that one page in one of DeYoung's chapters.

Anyways. Here are the three books I recently purchased:

This book peaked my interest after one of my elders quoted it while we were doing a bible study (through BILD) in Acts. It sounds very interesting because it exposes some of the things that are merely cultural that we as Westerners might (and usually do) consider to be truth and normal cultural standards. I look forward to stripping more of my Western thought and get some good insight into cultural and anthropological studies.

This book was recommended by another elder and friend of mine who is a linguist and works for a Wycliffe company called "The Seed Company." The book takes thoughts from theologians and pastors from around the world and has them interpret the bible in the culture that they live in. We speak about persecution, poverty and stress, these theologians are living this every day. Again, excited to be able to learn about Jesus from a different cultural perspective.

This last book is one that I am picking up to aid me to teach in our urban setting. Although I have loved hip hop for most of my musical life (which my love started back when I was around 10 in Oklahoma), I wanted more insight to it's beginnings and struggles to gain listeners. As I have tried to show before, I believe hip hop is a culture that has many redeemable qualities.

These three books will hopefully make me understand those around me a lot more as I engage them face to face on a weekly basis. I have a lot of reading now, as these books are long...and I usually get bored of a book by page 200.


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