Contend Earnestly: My Honest Reaction After Being Called a Heretic

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Honest Reaction After Being Called a Heretic

I have written for over 4 years now on this site and I know I can be pretty polarizing on certain subjects. I know that there is much I need to apologize for in regards to my postings in the past. Recently, I have really been desiring to write, not only honestly, but also, like I have always done, write on subjects that I have personally been either studying, or struggling with. Even through all these posts, although many have disagreed with different convictions, I have only been seriously called a heretic twice before. Once was from a hyper Calvinist that said because I believe in duty faith, I wasn't saved and the other came from a site that called me a heretic because I was a Calvinist and believed in the Trinity.

But, this past week, I and my church, have been called many names from a certain blog and its commenters. We have been called, "dumb so-called Christians", "heretics", "a reprobate church", "denying Sola Scriptura", "Christian dupes", "den of thieves" and "false teachers."

As I read this, because it was sent to me by someone else who wanted me to respond, I got very angry.

I have decided not to respond to the one who emailed me, nor to the post itself. The reason is that I just don't want to continue the dialogue with someone who has literally slandered my church and myself, has never once tried to contact us and wasn't at the event nor has ever attended my church. What I wanted to do is give you how I have responded and maybe it will aid you when you encounter something like this in the future.

1. Anger

I am not sure the reason for my anger. I think some of the anger was actually good anger. The reason I say this is because a lot of what was written was false and misleading information. Also, people I know and love were being attacked wrongly. This angered me. But, I was also angry because I am prideful and I want to be right. I still do a lot of things in my life because I want to be built up. So, when someone tears down "my work" I get angry because my idol is being attacked. This type of anger is wrong and is something I am repenting of. Because of this type of anger, I wanted to respond angrily by posting a comment on the blog, but after tweeting asking for advice, I had good brothers tell me to chill out and take a breath. Which I did and gladly so.

2. Sadness

I actually found myself a little sad. Not like a little boy in the corner crying sad, but emotionally sad within. The reason is because the church of Christ was being attacked. Not from those on the outside, but from those in the inside. The attack didn't seem to be to aid us by admonishing us, but to merely spread slander. This is always hard to take. We, as Harambee, are trying our hardest to spread the fame and glory of Jesus and when you are attacked by those who are supposed to be standing together with you in the universal church of Christ, yet attack instead, this makes me sad. It wouldn't have made me as sad if this particular blog author, or commenters, tried to contact us or aid us in why they believe we were off track. That is called admonishment. At least at that point, we can see that they do love us and desire for us to live for Jesus. But, instead, it looks as though this was merely to get hits on a blog and spread their own fame. Again, this is the perception since we were never contacted privately.

3. Conviction

I was harshly convicted. I have written about loving my neighbor and about loving those who attack me. What was I going to do now? What was I going to do now that I was literally being attacked? I did what Jesus has called me to do. This was very hard and in my face. I first asked God to forgive me and to guide me, to show me any truth in any of the claims that were purported. I asked God to direct my life to show off his glory. I then asked God to bless and to give abundant grace to the people who publicly attacked me and Harambee. I asked this, not to build up pride, but so that God's glory would be made known. The more grace and blessing one gets from God, for his glory, the better. I will have to continually do this for this blog author and for myself because we are both sinners seeking to live a life for the glory of God. To pray only for them would be wrong. To pray only for myself, likewise, would also be wrong.

These were my honest reactions to being called a heretic and all the above mentioned names. My life is one where many mistakes will be made. But, that's the point. My life is a mess, and so is yours, and that's why we desperately need Jesus. That's the good news in all of this. Being called these things are actually pretty truthful. I am a heretic sometimes, I am a dumb so-called Christian sometimes, I am duped by the devil sometimes, I teach falsely sometimes, I deny Sola Scriptura sometimes, but I know this! This is why I continually thank my God that He sent the King of kings and Lord of lords to die in my stead for the wretch that I am.

May God be praised alone.


Michael said...


I want to apologize to you for what has happened. I'm sorry for what these people have said about you and your church. I am sorry you were called a heretic. I'm sorry for the way these people acted against you.

I am proud of you! You doing exactly what James says. I am proud that even though we live thousands of miles apart, i get to walk with you through this. I pray these people who are so called "calvanists" or whatever they claim, will quit being caught up in religion and get a true relationship with Christ.

Your an awesome man of God! You are a son of the Most High and you are walking like it whether you see it or not. What you have written here, is exactly what a son does.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Chris Price said...

way to show spiritual maturity by not being provided into a fight.

Jake said...

Seth - I've been there brother, many times. It ain't fun. I'll be praying for you.


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