Contend Earnestly: Spiritual Warfare, Pt. 1

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Spiritual Warfare, Pt. 1

Tony, Seth, Trevor (and maybe we'll draw Jason this time?!): Here is a subject the Lord has been impressing on me over the last couple of weeks; Spiritual Warfare. Interesting quote from Macarthur:

"During spiritual warfare, Satan's primary attacks target your thinking and emotions. If he can condition you to think and feel contrary to God's Word, he has won a significant victory. That's why he attempts to fill your mind with lies, immorality , false doctrine, and half-truths. He tries to blur the line between righteousness and sin. He clothes offensive sin in the blinding garment of entertainment. He puts it to music and masks it in humor to confuse you and deaden your spiritual senses." (emphasis mine)

I know we would all agree that Spiritual Warfare is real. The questions would be 1) "How would we define it?" 2) "What is it limited to?" 3) "What is our response as believers?" 4) (and true to Puritan thinking) "What is it not?". Contrary to the caricatures that the world portrays, like the picture above, we need to know about our enemy. Who he truly is, and how he operates so we can be prepared to Contend Earnestly.


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