Contend Earnestly: Lie, Steal, Cheat and Swear

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lie, Steal, Cheat and Swear

Are you a liar, stealer, cheater or swearer? I grew up for thirteen years without doing the big four but I must confess when I began to do them on a daily basis my life was changed. I discovered that the more I did them the better I felt and the closer to God I became. Let me explain.

My first spiritual experience began when I decided to “LIE” down each night and pray to God. I must admit for a few years my prayers sounded like something you would hear an eight-year-old asking Santa Claus. As I continued over the years I found myself praying more for the salvation of others more than anything else. While attending The Master’s College my prayers turned more introspective as I became more aware of my own frailties and a need for serious personal spiritual growth. By the time I graduated I began to keep a prayer journal and each night when I would lie down I would pray about every and anything. I love that time just before bed when I lie down and humble myself before the Lord my God my maker.

While attending college I majored in history in which required tons of reading. Unfortunately I was not a good reader nor did I enjoy the process. I began to “STEAL” time each day reading God’s word a few months into my first year at The Master’s College. Nothing has impacted my life more than being discipled by God through His word. As an adult it seems as though time is the most difficult thing to obtain in life. I make it a point to steal time everyday sometime during the day in God’s word. Sometimes I read first thing in the morning sometimes it’s the last thing I do at night and sometimes I pull off the side of the road and steal some time from life.

I love to “CHEAT” the devil out of victory. The devil’s schemes are all around us and each time we succumb to his empty philosophies we give him victory. The spiritual disciplines of a Godly man like praying and reading God’s word cheat the devil out of the joy of keeping man complacent. The spiritual acts of worship like serving in the widow; orphan and poor cheat the devil out of gaining a foothold in the lives of struggling man.

Finally when I was thirteen I remember asking the Lord into my life. I can picture that day like it was yesterday as I sat in my room begging for his grace and mercy. I knew I wanted the sweet taste of salvation but what I didn’t know was that there was a response to redemption. It wasn’t until a few years later while attending Basic Youth Conflicts that I realized a life with Christ wasn’t just about taking it was about giving as well. It was then that I realized that Jesus was not only the Savior but also the Lord. I began to SWEAR allegiance to Jesus the Christ, Master of my life. Each time I bow the knee before His throne I renew my vow to follow Him. I know now to fear the Lord, worship Him and swear by His name. I will not follow any of the gods of the peoples around me.

So you see it is a good thing to LIE, STEAL, CHEAT and SWEAR.


Seth McBee said...

Tony...I enjoyed your post as I thought it was going to be a look at your early years in Cali. I also like how you "name drop" with The Master's Seminary. Another question; is it okay to say that you "covet someone's prayers?"

Just wondering your thoughts on that term...

Justin Evans said...

Tony, great post. One of the more creative ways to hook people, at the beginning there! Lie, steal, cheat and swear....I wonder which one is the hardest for us to do. Steal time, I would say, kind of starts all four of these, in a way.

Seth, has no one taught you the difference between the Master's College and the Seminary yet?! Name drop, sure. But if you mock, MOCK ACCURATELY!

Seth McBee said...

Hey...all you heretics and your "schools" are the same to me...why don't you just go back to Cali...

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