Contend Earnestly: Saturday Morning Coffee & Music

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Coffee & Music

I figured I would throw up the four musicians I am hooked on to go along with my four shots of coffee in my mocha this morning.

The first two are guys that are a part of our music ministry at Soma Communities.

Aaron Spiro's sound is very soulful and one that goes very well with morning coffee. I imagine Aaron closed his eyes a lot when he made this CD. It just seems like music that would make you do that if you were making it. Aaron's music is very poetic, both on this CD and the songs he writes for us as we gather to worship. Trees Without Leaves and I Feel Grace are two of my favorite on the CD.

Trevor Davis is new to us up here in Seattle. He is from San Deigo where he has quite he following it seems. He moved up here specifically to join up with Soma and help in leading music. His sound is a lot like Jack Johnson, but still his own. Plus, instead of a little monkey named George, Trevor has a huge elephant riding a bicycle on the front of his CD. Actually, I am going to refer to 2 of his CDs that I have bought, where Soldier, Grace, Across the Clouds and Arrowplane are my favorites.

Trevor Davis: Nothing Ringing True

Trevor Davis: Seven Days

Lecrae's single, Far Away is a benefit song where all the proceeds are going to Haiti. I highly recommend you picking this one up.

Lecrae: Far Away

The last is one that I am sure most know, but I still can't get past. It is Kim Walker's song, How He Loves, which is on a compilation live CD called, Jesus Culture: We Cry Out. This song seems to grip me everytime I hear it. It even gets all charismatic at the end and this old baptist kid still doesn't mind it.

Kim Walker: How He Loves


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