Contend Earnestly: Interview with a Muslim Imam

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interview with a Muslim Imam

My friend Michael, who will be part of the dialogue at Harambee on March 27th interviews the one who will also be part of the dialogue, Imam Joban. This should give you some insight to Imam Joban and why he desires to dialogue about Jesus the Messiah. If you want to come to the dialogue, please do. You can either email me directly to let me know of your interest or any questions. It should be a very good event and one I am much excited about.


SnatchedFromTheFire said...

I dunno. I do hope this dialogue will go well and understanding between these two faiths will be gained. But based on this interview clip alone, it seems the guy wants to dialogue about Isa (Jesus) b/c he is one of their prophets too (like Mohammed) and he had this message of love. Love for everybody. Love for our neighbour. Love for our enemies. That sounds more like the message of the Beatles than Jesus. Did Jesus say that stuff? Yup. But He said a LOT more. Stuff like being the Son of God, being equal to God, that He was around before Abraham. To recycle the term i have a growing animosity for, i don' think it is 'helpful' to sit around talking about what different religions share in common for any reason other than peaceful co-existence. I guess i mean, i wouldn;t be expecting anymore from the dialogue than that. I mean, the guy even quoted at the end, "you have your way i have my way" - sounds starkly different from Jesus "I am the [only] Way".

Seth McBee said...


Do you desire to be friends with non-Christians?

To be a friend, you should desire to understand who they are and their convictions are.

I want to love my neighbor, love my enemy, bless my neighbor, pray for them, etc. To be able to do this, I desire to get to know them genuinely.

This dialogue will help this. Of course we have differences, but I also believe in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

He can change anyone.

My job is to love, bless, pray and show them Jesus.

SnatchedFromTheFire said...

I see your point. I guess it was not clear what the goal of this dialogue was exactly. To understand each other better and build friendships is awesome and needed, but what SEEMS to be being presented more is this idea that 'we all follow the same God. sure we do it differently sometimes and have different saviours and sacred literature but ...' Yes we are commanded to love and bless and pray for others but we are also commanded to call all men unto repentance of sin. Driscol had some good thoughts on this idea in his '06 DG conferrence message when he says that if we focus too heavily on the incarnation of Jesus and minimize or forget His exaltation we will do just that: love and serve and give ourselves to people like Jesus but never call them to repentance like Jesus also did and does in His exaltation as Lord of lords and King of kings.
I truly do hope this meeting has friendship and gospel implications and the Spirit will move powerfully amoung you all.

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