Contend Earnestly: What is a Healthy Church Member?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

What is a Healthy Church Member?

This book put out by Thabiti Anyabwile called, "What is a Healthy Church Member?" is a very short book and not terribly "deep" in theology. Neither one of these is a hindrance to this book, but actually very accomadoting. The reason I say this is because you can literally give this to anyone in your congregation and they will have no reason to say no. It isn't gonig to be over their head, as it is very practical and straight forward, and it won't take up much of their time, as it is only 114 pages and the pages are only 5" x 4".

The book is part of 9 Marks Ministries and is an extension of Dever's "9 Marks of a Healthy Church."

The topics in this book are as follows (every chapter starts with, "A Healthy Church Member is...):

An Expositional Listener
A Biblical Theologian
Gospel Saturated
Genuinely Converted
A Biblical Evangelist
A Committed Member
Seeks Discipline
A Growing Disciple
A Humble Follower
A Prayer Warrior

If you are good at math or you can count like a horse, you will notice that there are ten marks and not nine. Anyabwile says that he gives the last as an "extra" for us readers, and I was thankful.

This book is very practical and the chapter titles might look overwhelming at first, but they really are put forth in a very well balanced manner and are very challenging for everyone from the Pastor, layman or congregant.
Anyabwile states the following:

This little book is written in the hope that you might discover or rediscover what it means to be a healthy church member of a local church, and what it means to contribute to the overall health of the church

I think that Anyabwile did just that as it really is a challenge to all who set foot in church each Lord's Day.

I would highly recommend this to read and then to hand out afterwards to any member in your church. Link to Buy

ht: erik for the recommendation


David McCrory said...

The book sounds promising. I believe the healthy Church member is that person who is both ministered too and ministering to others. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

I like Anyabwile's list. I also believe that 1 John 5 give us an excellent idea just what a healthy church member looks like.

Thanks for the review Seth.

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