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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Off to Alaska

Tomorrow afternoon I will be flying off to Alaska to see family for Thanksgiving. I will have internet access but will obviously not be as often as I would like. So, have fun commenting and I will desperately try and keep up. We will soon have another post from Turretinfan that will continue our process of understanding the position of the atonement.

Hope all have a great Thanksgiving.

To continue our thoughts on this subject I think David asked a great question that never got a response:

I would still like to know from TF what does "created order" mean? Trees, rocks? Created humans? Any non-elect included? And if kosmos means created order is consistently created order in 16 and 17 in all the instances? if it changes why?

To continue on this thought I would like any to answer this:

Here is what Kittell's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament speaks of Kosmos...which by the way is one of the most respected NT Dictionary there is:

Contents: A. Non-biblical Usage: 1. κόσμος == That which is Well Assembled; 2. κόσμος == Order between Men; 3. κόσμος == Order generally; 4. κόσμος == Adornment; 5. κόσμος == World I, Development and Meaning of the Greek View of the Cosmos; 6. κόσμος == World II, God and the Cosmos for the Greeks; 7. κόσμος as World in the Sense of Earth, Inhabited World, Humanity. B. κόσμος in the LXX. The Concept of the Cosmos in Judaism. C. κόσμος in the NT: 1. General. κόσμος in the Sense Adornment; 2. κόσμος == World I, as the Universe, the Sum of all Created Being; 3. κόσμος == World II, as the Abode of Men, the Theatre of History, the Inhabited World, the Earth; 4. κόσμος == World III, as Humanity, Fallen Creation, the Theatre of Salvation History.

Theological dictionary of the New Testament. 1964-c1976. Vols. 5-9 edited by Gerhard Friedrich. Vol. 10 compiled by Ronald Pitkin. (G. Kittel, G. W. Bromiley & G. Friedrich, Ed.) (electronic ed.) (3:868). Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.

Please enlighten where there is even one instance where world in the Greek means "world of the elect." Please exegete a verse that connotates this.


Stefan said...

Seth and David,

I just read your comments in the previous thread. I'd love to interact a bit more, but I don't have any time the rest of this week.

Just wanted to let you know, so that you didn't think I was just posting and then running away...I hope to return soon.

I must preach twice this Lord's Day, and with the short week, I am hard pressed for time. I must return to Psalm 116 and 1 Peter 2:1-3, saving John 3:16 for another time.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

David Ponter said...

Thanks Stefan,

I was wondering about that. I think last time you did something similar, and I spent some time answering you, only to never see you again.

I wish you could find the time to read some the material straight from the primary sources which we have posted here and there. And engage us with direct questions and answers.

Have a good thanksgiving.

Take care,

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