Contend Earnestly: Christ in the Passover

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Christ in the Passover

This past Thursday was the Passover and I decided to preach on the Passover as commanded by Exodus 12 including what the traditional Jewish Passover consisted of and finally how Christ fulfilled and is found in the Passover. (to the left is a picture of my oldest son holding a lamb) I taught this to our youth group at church where our group consists of Junior and Senior highers. Afterwards we had a time of communion that turned out to be a very special night. I had one of our leader's wives cook some unleavened bread and we had the table set up front for the kids to come up on their time during music to take of the table. I will tell you this, it was the most concentrated and God honoring time I have ever seen our group have. Every kid in there was silent praying to God, truly examining themselves before taking of the table. I know many do not believe in youth groups but I will tell you, when you have 30 teens in a room with their heads bowed together, examining, remembering and proclaiming the Saviour's death, it is something to stand in awe of, knowing that it is completely the work of our Lord. I believe, when done correctly, youth group can be a great time of young people coming together, in unison, and as a family, to worship God.

Here is a link to an article that I enjoyed reading as I prepared for the message of the Passover Seder. Enjoy.


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