Contend Earnestly: Dueling Blogs

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dueling Blogs

Just wanted all to know that starting this Saturday I, Seth, will be "dueling" with Josh from Theology Online in dealing with eschatology. Josh and I have discussed many things over the internet and have enjoyed sharing instead of quarreling over matters. Josh emailed me and invited me to do something that I have never done, dueling blog posts. It should be interesting and I hope that no one, meaning commenters, will deal with this issue in a hateful manner. Be on your best behavior and know that I have a great deal of respect for Josh in our differences in the past. We are going to start our discussion on Pre-Trib vs. Post-Trib rapture. I hope you all enjoy and in the meantime check out a great series on Bible Versions on Theology Online from Larry (Theologian).


SelahV said...

Hello Seth: Love your family photo. I think it's yours anyway. If so, you have a handsome family. If not, someone else does. Hee hee. How do I get to the blog where you and Josh are dueling? selahV

Seth McBee said...

selahV...good to see you here!!! Been while since I went over to Peter site and commented...

We had to postpone the dueling blogs for a little bit...I have been super busy...but the blogs will be on this site and Josh's site over at theology online.

And that is a picture of Josh's family.

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