Contend Earnestly: What Happened to Winnie The Pooh?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Happened to Winnie The Pooh?

Tony, I logged onto our little corner of the web today, waiting expectantly for an inspired blog about Pooh Bear (I guess conversation and coffee between friends does not mean much any more).

But this truth, the truth of our impact, has been an encouraging and sobering reality that the Lord has taught me over the past year. I love listening to stories of how people in Christy's family were saved. I think of a Great Great Great Grandmother (the exact lineage would need to be clarified) who came to Christ as a teenager under the preaching of a faithful minister. As far as we can tell, that was the first conversion in the Goff family. But now that heritage has spread through 150 or so years of families being saved, missionaries being sent out, other preachers being raised up. Yet, did that preacher have any concept of the incredible impact one sermon of his could make? That was one sermon, from one man, affecting just one family! The Lord is mighty in His purposes. May we labor hard and contend earnestly though we do not always see the fruit (Heb 11).


Justin Evans said...

Posting at 1 am...with computer parts just littered everywhere. Did you get my "Scrabble" message?

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