Contend Earnestly: Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Because I am sick and trying to save the Private School post until I am better, I have something for you to check out in the mean time. This is a new internet parental control site. This has been put out by a buddy of mine from church and looks pretty stellar. I will say that the thing that I like the most is the fact that it lets the parents decide what is appropriate or what isn't, not a third-party database like most other parental control sites. I don't want some computer system trying to tell me what is right or wrong for my child.

Here is the description from the front page: (here is the direct link to the site)

What is it?

Guardrail is an easy-to-use parental control product for your family.

Why choose Guardrail?

Guardrail is easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use. You don't need to be a computer, network or security expert to use it.

Guardrail lets YOU decide what content is appropriate for your family. Other parental control products rely on third-party databases populated by others to determine what is appropriate for you.

When your child attempts to access a site they don't have permission to visit, he or she can request permission to visit the site directly from the access denied page.

Guardrail allows you to review sites as well as approve and deny your child's permissions requests from any computer or web-enabled mobile phone with access to the internet.

When you subscribe, you help others. As part of our effort, a portion of each subscription fee will be donated to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


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