Contend Earnestly: Open Air Preaching: Speaking to the Wind?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Open Air Preaching: Speaking to the Wind?

Below is a clip of an open air preacher. What I will say is that from what I have seen, this is about what happens with most of the open air preachers that I have seen. I want to know what your thoughts are in general in regards to open air preaching and I will write a follow up post on my thoughts as I have seen these things take place. Do you believe it is something for today? Is it biblical? Or is it just down right lunacy?


Tertius said...

Leaving aside this guy is a hard-core Arminian and worse (he denies original sin), his approach could be biblical, but even if it were, is not normative.

Paul preached in open air, but it was the custom of the time to openly discuss philosophy, theology, etc. He jumped at the opening. But really, wasn't most of Paul's ministry in smaller settings while knitting together tents?

And what about Noah? Bible calls him a herald of righteousness but his preaching was tied in with his building the Ark, which God promised him as the means of passing through the waters of judgment.

Christ is our true Ark, and the church in union with Him. Is our open air preaching just an exercise in yelling at a crowd, or is it an exercise in building local congregations of faithful believers who can evangelize in word and deed in the community around them and the vocations in which they are employed/deployed?

Zachary Bartels said...

I used to do this occasionally. I realized one day that I did it for myself. For my own martyr complex, etc. That said, I've seen videos of Ray Comfort leading people to Christ through street preaching (albeit much, much better preaching than the guy in the video).

Anonymous said...

It seems like Open Air Preaching is usually done by some-what crazy people when I have seen it in the U.S.

But in Africa it is often one of the most effective things and seeing Open Air Preaching here has completely changed my view of it.

I think that in American culture now it is not necessarily the right time for Open Air Preaching. But in other cultures it is ideal - especially if people are practicing witchcraft out in public and everyone can see that things are messed up.

From Christina in Mozambique

Jeff Fuller said...

I've met this particular preacher in person and spent several days witnessing with him on the streets. That was back in 2005 before his theology shifted to what it is now. But I don't think anyone's asking about his theology -- that is, how he views God.

I would boldly say that preaching is a method which God ordains as legitimate in any place. Socially it causes us some problems, but spiritually there is nothing aloof with it!

I'm sure you could write many posts on those social problems, but you could not write a convincing article that preaching isn't for today or that preaching should be limited to designated buildings. Those arguments would be lunacy.

I would like to read about what type of preaching you'd be comfortable with seeing on a street corner. In other words, if you could mold a person and a message in any way you want... what would you like to see on that street corner. What is that "perfect picture" for you?

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