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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Preaching Notes

I found a pretty interesting series by Josh Harris. It is a series on preaching notes from some well known pastors around the country. The series has an intro and then a PDF with their actual notes they used to preach a sermon. It is interesting, to say the least, to see how others put their thoughts on paper as they prepare to bring the message of Christ. Just wait til you see Tim Keller's. Pretty crazy to say the least. Here are the posts that Pastor Josh did...enjoy:

Mark Dever
Mike Bullmore
C.J. Mahaney
Ray Ortlund, Jr.
Tim Keller


Anonymous said...

Here are my notes:

(but then again I am not well known and maybe that is why :) )

Anonymous said...

That was a sweet series that he did. Some of those manuscripts would be crazy to preach from.

Seth McBee said...

Mike...especially David's manuscript.

It would be funny if someone didn't know him and then he said, "hey can you preach this morning? here are my notes for the service"

And Dave just hands him the Bible and a blank sheet of paper.

Anonymous said...

That is what he did to me one week

Not really, but that would be a sweet story if it was true.

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