Contend Earnestly: Mark Driscoll - Biblical Principles and Cultural Methods

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mark Driscoll - Biblical Principles and Cultural Methods

I found this on the Desiring God website, along with many other videos with Driscoll. If you would like to see the other videos go here. Thought this video was interesting and wanted to get some viewpoints on it.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

His view sounds good but in practice, he is lacking in purity. To have a foul mouth, to bring in worldly music etc is not the way Christ instructed us to spread the Gospel. He told us to come out of the world and be separate from the things they engage in. More reliance on the Holy Spirit to do the working of salvation is what we are to depend on not cultural relevance that goes against Scripture. The little foxes spoil the vine. We are not allowed to play the exchange game..."he's a really good preacher so we'll overlook some of his sins". I'm not allowed to continue in my sin of anger just because everything else in my life reflects Christ. All sins are to be mortified and repented of. I know I sound arrogant but I say this in humility because I know how much I depend on my brothers and sisters to correct me when I don't see my errors. I do pray that God helps him and the rest of us to see our errors and purifies us according to His will.

Jake said...

The shortest response you'll ever get from me: Amen, preach it Mark.

luvvom: Listen to the pastor's q&a from the '06 DG conference. Tim Keller actually addresses the very issue you're bringing up. The whole session is worth listening to (it's an interview conducted by Justin Taylor with Piper, Driscoll, and Keller) but I think you'll find Keller's thoughts especially helpful.

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