Contend Earnestly: Kenneth Copeland Gets a Little Exposed

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kenneth Copeland Gets a Little Exposed

Sorry Justin for blogging over you, but I'll be brief and won't make too long. I first saw this at Unsealed Prophecy and thought people would be interested. It exposes the ministry of Kenneth Copeland and TBN and their use of the money that is donated as "seed" money to their "ministry."

Philanthropic Donations Come From the Heart -- Where Do They End Up?


David Shaw said...


I was studying yesterday and had Daystar on in the background. It is their annual "Spring Sharathon" and John Francis from Ruach Ministries was speaking. He told the audience that the mystery to the kingdom of heaven was sowing financial seeds. I was shocked. I had not heard someone who preaches "financial prosperity" so blatantly say that you can buy your way into the kingdom of God.

The sad fact is that many people believe these types of ministers (if they can be called that) and give huge sums of money thinking that God is a big ATM machine or that it will guarantee their admittance into heaven.

We need to be in prayer for those that are so easily swayed be these false teachers and prophets.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Copeland is a freemason as well as many other popular ministers. Paula white, Kim Clement are witches as well as Rebecca Saint James to name a few you might know.

Daystar is filled with Masonic people but they do not believe one buys their way into heaven. They believe a spiritual law and carry it way 2 far in the land of error, perversion as well as twisting the word.

TBN is no different and God channel is on another level of evil.

Caron said...

Thank you for the post!

For more on the metaphysical roots of the Word of Faith movement, as well as more on the Copelands and others, check out: and click on "demo." Here, he gives a brief overview of his seminar to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Its very, very insightful.

Justin Peters spoke at my church and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

God bless you!

And thank for a great site!

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