Contend Earnestly: Police vs. Paramedic

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Police vs. Paramedic

Last week I was caught in traffic behind an accident. Unfortunately there were injuries so that meant that there were firemen on the scene helping out before the paramedics arrived. Have you ever been in an accident or watched one? It is actually interesting how each department has it’s own function. I don’t know all the specific duties but it seems as though there are some general differences between the function of the policemen and the paramedics.

When the policemen arrive on the scene their main duty is to maintain order. A major part of that order is making sure that an accurate report is made of the accident. We don’t want street justice occurring at intersections across town. Basically the police report is going to take testimony from eyewitnesses of the scene. In essence the report is going to state who was the victim and who was at fault. Although final judgment is not made at the scene, that report is a major factor. The presupposition of the report is that someone is wrong and we’re going to find out who. With that being said the police officers try to take the reports without being prejudice or bias. This tends to create a cold and callous type of interaction. Like Joe Friday would say, “Just the facts ma’am”.

When the paramedics arrive on the scene their main duty is to bring aid to the afflicted. They don’t care who was at fault. Their main concern is who is hurt the worst and tend to the victims in that order. Because of the nature of their function they tend to be gentle and kind as opposed to cold and callous. They try to comfort the victims.

So what type of Christian are you? When a friend of yours blows it (it’s there fault) or something unexpected happens (not their fault) how do you respond. Are you like Job’s friend Eliphaz who told Job that he was getting what he deserved Job 4:8?

I know that true love must be confrontive at times. But what is your basic approach? Can a policeman be gentle and kind? Does he have to be so indifferent? Do you view yourself as the judge of the scene?

Read Matt 18:15-17. How would you title this passage? If you think of this passage as the Church Discipline” passage verses “Biblical Restoration” you may get an idea of where you stand. The point or the goal of the passage is repentance, restoration, and redemption. The goal is not to have someone depart from the faith.

So the next time you’re in a situation where you are at the scene of a personal accident. Ask yourself which function do you want to have. Ask yourself which function is appropriate.

Are you a policeman or a paramedic?


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